CT Chapter CPCU Committees

Your CT Chapter of CPCU has a ton of opportunities for our members to become actively involved.  Please reach out and join us on a Committee that you may be interested in.  It's both fun and rewarding to be a part of our great Chapter and we need your help and energy!  Learn more by contacting the Directors that are all identified under each Committee.

Good Works

This is the team of people who makes wonderful decisions on how to support local community organizations in need of financial support or volunteers.  Each year this Committee distributes every dollar of the proceeds from our Annual Charity Golf Tournament to deserving charitable organizations.

If you want to learn more or join our Good Works Committee please contact Deborah Bartucca: dbartucca@travelers.com



Annual Charity Golf Tournament Committee

This Committee puts together and runs our Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  This Tournament raises over $17,000 each year -  every penny of which is funneled to local community groups thru our Good Works Committee.  Being a golfer is not a prerequisite to join this Committee!

To learn more or join our Golf Tournament Committee please contact Rick Poulin: RPOULIN@travelers.com



This Committee "tends our sheep" - that is, they reach out to members to keep them current on what is happening in our Chapter and helps members who have questions on renewing their membership.

To learn more or join our Membership Committee please contact Kathy Carroll: kcarrol2@travelers.com




This Committee plans each of our Monthly Meetings and other special educational events.  They secure top notch speakers and assure that all the logistics for a successful meeting are in place every time.

To learn more or join our Education Committee please contact Wendy Bernard:  wendy.bernard@thehartford.com




This Committee lets the world know we are alive and well.  They create our Annual Supplement in the Hartford Courant published on our I Day.  They also set up a booth or attend key insurance meetings to get our designation out there as well as maintain our social media links.

To learn more or join our Visibility Committee please contact Diane Corcoran: DCORCORA@travelers.com


New Designees

This committee is dedicated to outreach and mentoring of our New Designees.  We want to assure that each New Designee feels welcome to jump into Chapter activities beginning with our New Designee Reception and our Annual Past President Reception on the same evening as our Connecticut Annual Conferment Dinner for our New Designees.

To learn more or join our New Designee Committee please contact Mary Ellen Dillon: MaryEllen.Dillon@Aspen.co


Candidate Development

This committee is dedicated to encouraging those who are currently studying for their CPCU but also those people who may want to begin the CPCU journey but need encouragement and direction.  Outreach is key here, where a wide range of activities take place -  from meeting with Young Professional Groups to our annual Connections visits with local insurance companies and agencies.

To learn more or join our Candidate Development Committee please contact Kathleen McCarthy: kmccarthy@tripointins.com